About Lonnie

Author - Entertainer
Raconteur - Adventurer

I'm an octogenarian traveling the USA, meeting nice folks wherever I go, visiting my kids, grandkids and great grandkids in all time zones, and doing what I can to show them that life is a great adventure, even when there are a few bumps in the road.

It's not like getting on one of those behemoth Gold Wings, Kawai's or Harley's equipped with Navigation screen, GPS, Stereo, Bluetooth and every other electronic marvel known to man. This little Honda is bare bones. Doesn't even have a Tach. You actually have to listen to the engine sound to know when to shift.

It's called riding a motorcycle.

It's a barebones way to travel, but fits just right for an old guy.
It's like riding in the Good Ol' Days.

I'm on my new Midnight Blue Honda VTX 1300c with Velorex Sidecar and pulling a Mini Mate Tent Trailer.  Watch For Me.
I'll be in the Right Lane America



  1. Dear Del San,

    Wow! You are cool. Long long ride.
    I have visited Key West many many times on web site of Google map. I do want to visit there. Some day in the near future I will do that.
    I visited your blog. It is wonderful. I like it so much. The title "Right Lane America" is good. It reminds me that you are riding right lane, and we, Chieko and I are always right with you.

    I have been very busy this year. My mom broke her leg a year ago and she has been practicing to walk well every day. I have helped her a lot. Our granddaughter was born last October. Our daughter's family live in Tokyo. So I visited there three times.

    Our son has married and just held the wedding ceremony and reception party at Kagoshima, south of Kumamoto three hours to ride, last week.

    By the way we are going to Helena from June 16 to 24. I attached the itinerary file. We are sorry to stay there very short time. Our friend's daughter who lived at the next door to us in Helena 20 years ago , will marry and hold the ceremony on June 20 in East Helena.

    We are looking forward to seeing you very soon at Humbolt Loop.
    Best Regards,
    RickyChieko & Ricky

    1. Thanks for the comment on the BLOG. Sorry to hear about your Mother breaking her leg, but happy for the newly married son. I have been very busy writing a book call, My Long Ride - Re Imaginging Life After Alzheimer's Disease. It will be published this summer, before I go on another long ride for the winter months down south. I look forward to seeing you in June if you have time for a visit.
      Kindest Regards

  2. Hi Lonni, it was nice to meet you at Barstow KOA. Your Trip is amazing. I wish you all the best. Nice regards from Bruno, Switzerland

  3. Mr. Lonnquist,
    I met you briefly tonight at a gas station in Denham Springs Louisiana where I pointed you toward Hammond. I had noticed the bike and side car and remembered the Web address. After looking at your Web site and blog I really wish I could have spent some time with you to hear of your adventures. But alas, you were on the 50cc ride to Jacksonville. God speed and safe travels.
    Chris Anglin

  4. If you make it up to Alaska give me a shout out
    2009 1200GS W/DMC Sidecar.

  5. My family and I just passed you on I-10 west! I saw your blog and had to check it out! I love finding things like this! God Bless your travel in Right Lane America!!!

  6. Just finished reading your book. I have a V star 1100 custom and have been looking for a sidecar. an you tell me what you used. I'm only 67 but multiple med issues have kept me off the road.

  7. Hi, Thanks for the comment. I have a Velorex sidecar from VelorexUSA.com To learn more about sidecars visit the United Sidecar Association forum at www.Sidecar.com They have lots of sidecar info and many people who will help you get started.

  8. Thank you. Is your rig a 562? I can find those reasonably priced. Did you use the universal mounts? Sorry to be a pain but I've been given a lot of differing information and would rather hear from someone with firsthand information.

  9. Thank you for your post, it was very well written and very cool pictures. May the roads you travel have many blessings and memories. God Bless you and all who you encounter. "Speedy"

  10. HEY LONNIE! We saw yo going north on I-85 heading towards SC. We were on our way to pick up my wife's first motorcycle! You're an inspiration to many. Keep the rubber side down. Peace!