Thursday, May 28, 2015

Spring Rain In The Rockies

Riding has been a bit quiet as the rains keep moving through.
I did make a 90 mile run down to Three Forks, Montana for lunch at the Wheat Montana Farms Deli.
Took the back way down I-15 to Boulder and then moved onto Highway 69 for a quiet winding ride on a narrow two laner.
Trees right up to the road on both sides for most of the way.
One small herd of antelope crossed in front of me at one point.
They are not afraid of traffic and took their time getting across the road.
From Cardwell, Montana, home of the two toned brown clay pottery, I moved onto I-90 for the short jaunt over to Three Forks.
The sandwiches at Wheat Montana Farms Deli were, as always, big, thick and very tasty.
Visited a couple of bikers at The Farms who travel from the state of Washington through this area often.
Favorite ride they said, as they headed for Yellowstone.
He was a retired professional bike racer who obviously knew his way around bikes and Montana roads.
Sidecar Bill Ryder told me this morning that he might have the custom made sidecar on my classic 1989 Kawasaki 454 today or tomorrow.
This 26 year old machine had only 13,000 miles on it when I bought it three years ago.
Bill custom designed and built a cargo sidecar for it so I will have a rig to run around town on, while saving the Honda VTX 1300 for the highway trips.
The Honda will carry me to Sturgis June 25th for the United Sidecar Rally at the Elk Grove Campgrounds.
This is the National rally for USCA and should be well attended.
As a bonus the Black Hills Bluegrass Association is holding their annual Bluegrass Fest at the same camgrounds.
Fantastic timing for both events.
Tuning up for the 50CC Quest ride in late September.
From San Diego to Jacksonville in fifty hours.
Should be a great ride and we'll have a chance to try out the new rig.
Bill has the Velorex sidecar mounted on the VTX 1300 and it has made for some great rides all ready.
Looking forward to a ride from Portland to San Jose on Highway 1 and then, after a visit with daughter Janis and her family will head off to San Diego where I'll meet my Start Witness Shareem AsSadiq. He said he will get me pointed in the right direction for the coast to coast run which he has done in the past. Shareem has also done the Border to Border ride from Mexico to Canada. Great rides.
In the meantime I have nearly completed writing my new book, Discovering Life After Alzheimer's - The 26,000 mile ride.

It should be up on Amazon within the next three or four weeks, both in paperback and on Kindle.
I'll be back with a another post as soon as the rain lets up.

May your ride be long and safe.
Be Fantastic

Watch for me, I'll be in the Right Lane America

Del "Lonnie" Lonnquist

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Quick Trip To Great Falls For Lunch With Linda

Although the forecast was for thunderstorms with possible hail, we decided to make the run to Great Falls for lunch anyway.
The ninety miles to Great Falls on I-15 takes us through Wolf Creek Canyon and the stunning views of the same canyon walls that Lewis and Clark saw on their trek through Montana in 1806.
The highway follows the Missouri River and has railroad tracks running through the same canyons and in and out of those railroad tunnels.
Riding through on a motorcycle/sidecar rig is very different from cruising through in a car.
Lois used to say, "now slow down so we can see everything."
It didn't seem to matter that we had driven through this stretch of highway many, many times, it was always the same.
"Slow down now so we can see everything."
Riding slower on a bike with a sidecar is more comfortable since the bike can't lean into the turns and curves.
There are many of those as you ride through the canyon.

Daughter Linda at the Wolf Creek Canyon scenic turn out.
The 90 miles passed quickly and by noon we were having lunch at Appleby's Restaurant in Great Falls.
The threatening weather forecast failed to materialize and the ride home was great.
Making a round trip through the canyons allows two different views, and beautiful both ways.
This is a day trip I have enjoyed over and over again and it never fails to live up to expectations.
As we ride through we have to think, "What was it like for Lewis and Clark and their team all those many years ago?"
I always look forward to topping the North Hill and seeing the city of Helena and surrounding areas spreading out below.
This is what the 1806 explorers saw as they came through the opening in the canyon walls.
They named it, "The Gates To The Mountains."
As the canyon walls open, the mountain ranges slowly come into view.
Well, we can try and describe it, but if you are a biker heading for Yellowstone or Glacier National Parks, be sure and include a ride from Helena to Great Falls on I-15 as part of the ride.
The canyon views will not disappoint.

So a good day trip it was and it was good to get back on the road if only for a few hours.

The United Sidecar Association National Rally is coming up June 25th.
They are calling it, "The Monumental Rally."
It takes place in Sturgis, SD with side trips to Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument and many other scenic South Dakota places.
Visit  and click on USCA National Rally for more information.

I may continue on to the Twin Cities after the rally and have a visit with twin brother Dean and kid sister Vivian and their families.
It will be good to see them again and it's always a great ride across Southern Minnesota.
The ride home could turn out to be an Iron Butt Ride from Minneapolis to Helena.

Life is good.
Thanks Linda for joining me on a great ride.

Watch for me, I'll be in the Right Lane America.

Del "Lonnie" Lonnquist